updated 2012
GMP updated
may 2012
HACCP updated
may 2012

Thai Preeda Industry is one of the leading manufacturers of various Thai sauce in Thailand for over 6 decades. In the year 1947, a far sighted man called Mr. Veerapong established Thai Preeda Industrial factory with the aim to make all types of sauces and food ingredients. In those struggling days success did not come by easily, Mr. Veerapong invested much personal efforts for his sauce factory which was located in Chonburi province of Thailand. Over time the factory continues to upgrade itself improving standard of production and personnel training so as to attract various quality certificates such as GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000. Having gained widespread acceptance and respect from the local market-place as being quality product made from quality production process, the Thai Preeda Industrial factory emphasizes much to bring about good taste to the food.

Thai Preeda is a manufacturing plant for sauce and leading ingredient and spices under the popular brands of “Rajah”, “Golden Dragon” and “Thai Prestige”. The range of products consumers can expect to find are Fish Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce and many instant curry ingredients and spices. Also important is the fact that  Thai Preeda Industrial factory has been trusted by other brands in carrying out the manufacturing on their behalf (OEM), many of which are world-class brands for food products. Nowadays output from Thai Preeda Industrial factory under company brands are to be found in leading hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, as well as wholesale and retail outlets throughout the kingdom of Thailand. International client can also enjoy the taste and the quality of Thai Preeda spices and ingredients under the brand of “Thai Prestige” designed to fit the needs and requirements of the global market-place. In the near future more projects are on the pipeline by the Thai Preeda Industrial factory to reach new heights and goals in term of better quality, services, product taste so as to reach a wider and ever expanding group of consumers. We want to be one of the best choices that consumers can choose from.