Stir Fry Sauce

A ready-to-cook sauce that will make your cooking easy, convenient and delicious. Just add a few spoonfuls of our Thai Prestige Stir Fry Sauce to give your food tasty with great and unique aroma. This new item has been developed by a famous Thai chef and there is no need to add other kinds of sauce. It is a perfect choice for all kinds of meat and vegetables, great for your cooking need.

Packing Size
Carton Dimension
W x L x H  (cm)
Gross Weight (kg)
Cartons per
1x20’ FCL
220 g x 24 glass bottles
26.30 x 37.10 x 21.00
320 g x 24 glass bottles 25.90 x 38.30 x 25.20 14.61 1,188
810 g x 12 glass bottles 25.40 x 33.40 x 32.30 16.40 1,127
5,000 g  x  4 PET bottles 29.50 x 42.50 x 26.00 21.50     872