Oyster Sauce

Oyster Sauce has been one of the ‘must have’ in Thai kitchen for a long period of time. With its taste and aroma which comes from the use of quality oyster extract and high quality raw materials through our efficient production process, a dark brown viscous condiment used in Asian cuisine adding a savory flavor to many dishes has become very well known. Our Thai Prestige Oyster Sauce is an ideal choice for flavoring meat, vegetables, stir fry and also can be used as a topping sauce as well.

Packing Size
Carton Dimension
W x L x H  (cm)
Gross Weight (kg)
Cartons per
1x20’ FCL
220 g x 24 glass bottles
26.30 x 37.10 x 21.00
320 g x 24 glass bottles 25.90 x 38.30 x 25.20 14.61 1,188
770 g x 12 glass bottles 25.40 x 33.40 x 32.30 16.40 1,127
4,700 g x 4 PET bottles 29.50 x 42.50 x 26.00 21.50 872