Sukiyaki Sauce

Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish, of the soup or stewed type, prepared and served in a hot pot style. It consists of your choice of meats and vegetables, cooked and simmered at the table. Thai adapts this recipe by adding few spoonfuls of our Sukiyaki Sauce to make the soup more tasty and spicy. With sweet, sour, a little bit spicy taste and the aroma from the sesame, Thai Prestige Sukiyaki Sauce is perfect dipping sauce for your hot pot meal.

Packing Size
Carton Dimension
 W x L x H  (cm)
Gross Weight (kg)
Cartons per
1x20’ FCL
220 g x 24 glass bottles
26.30 x 37.10 x 21.00
320 g x 24 glass bottles 25.90 x 38.30 x 25.20 14.61 1,188
810 g x 12 glass bottles 25.40 x 33.40 x 32.30 16.40 1,127
5,000 g x 4 PET bottles 29.50 x 42.50 x 26.00 21.50 872